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26 August 2021 Thursday ● 21.30 ● Culturepark Open-Air Theatre


Erik Satie, music

Ruben Zahra, director

Pablo Picasso, costume and decor

Diane Portelli ve Dorian Mallia (Moveo Dans Grubu) – dancers and choreography;

Tricia Dawn Williams – pianist;

Ritienne Zammit – costume design;

MAKA Visuals - Projection Dance Sequence;

Christ Scicluna - stop-motion animation;

Charles Bezzina - masks and puppets







Gymnopédies 1                                           Erik Satie                      

Le Piège de Méduse                                              Erik Satie                      

Morning Music (Makrokosmos’tan)                 George Crumb                 

Sports et Divertissements                                     Erik Satie                      

Vexations                                                   Erik Satie                      

Entr’Acte                                                    Erik Satie                     

Gnossiennes 1                                            Erik Satie       

Parade                                                        Erik Satie


“PARADE & the Velvet Gentleman” is a music journey through a programme of major piano works by Erik Satie, leading to a grand finale with the ballet Parade – premiered at the Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris in 1917 by Sergei Diaghilev's Ballets Russes, portraying the music of Erik Satie, scored to a one-act scenario by Jean Cocteau with costumes and sets designed by Pablo Picasso. This new production revisits the ballet with new media techniques which include stop-motion animation, video-art, projection dancing and contemporary dance.

The score for this production is a new arrangement for piano and toy piano. The combination of these two keyboard instruments enhace the playful rhythmic character of the music, accompanied by the orchestral percussion part which includes a typewriter, glass bottles, sirens and pistol shots, besides the regular percussion instruments.

Besides “Parade”, this production includes a programme of important piano works by Satie, accompanied by a selection of his poignant writings - depicting a colourful portrait of this unique composer. “PARADE & the Velvet Gentleman” presents Satie as a key influence on 20th century avant-garde music, pre-empting phase loops of Steve Reich, the prepared piano of George Crumb, the arpeggios of Philip Glass and dancing melodic fragments of Terry Riley. “It’s not a question of Satie’s relevance,” John Cage famously declared. “He’s indispensable.”











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