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Smyrna Izmir 5000 Step "recollections"
Şirin, harp
Flag, Tepekule
Friday 06/09/2000
Philharmonia Orchestra
Conductor: Leonard Slatkin
Ephesus, the Grand Theatre
Saturday 06/17/2000
Kudsi Erguner and Community
Nazim Hikmet, "Life and Death on the"
Music: Kudsi Erguner
Ismet Inonu Culture Center
Sunday 06/18/2000
La Scala Theatre Ballet Company
"Great Gatsby"
Culture Park Open Air Theatre
Tuesday 20/06/2000
National Reinsurance Chamber Orchestra
Conductor: Rengim Gökmen
Ephesus, Library of Celsus
Thursday 22/06/2000
El Paso Texas Symphony Orchestra and the
Borusan Istanbul Philharmonic Orchestra
Conductor: Aykal
Ephesus, the Grand Theatre
Saturday 24/06/2000
F.Mendelssohn: "Paul", Oratorio
Izmir State Opera and Ballet
Conductor: Alexandru Samoila
Conductor: Hans Joachim Gallus
Ephesus, the Grand Theatre
Sunday 06/25/2000
Russian Army Choir and Dance Ensemble
Conductor: Vitaly Kuzuetsov
Culture Park Open Air Theatre
Monday 06/26/2000
Julian Lloyd Webber, cello - Rebecca Woolcock, piano
St.Polikarp Church
Wednesday 28/06/2000
Dance Ensemble of China Hainan
Culture Park Open Air Theatre
Saturday 07/01/2000
Bach's Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra
Ephesus, the Grand Theatre
Sunday 02/07/2000
The Crossroads of Civilizations "Poets on Wheels" - Waterbury Choir
Conductor: Ronald Konetchy
Ephesus, the Grand Theatre
Monday 03/07/2000
Waterbury's Choir: "An Anniversary Ceremony at the House of the Virgin Mary"
Conductor: Ronald Konetchy
Ephesus, Virgin Mary's House
Tuesday 07/04/2000
Lyrical History Show
Ephesus, the Grand Theatre
Thursday 07/06/2000
Fazil Say & Kudsi Erguner Jazz Quartet
Fountains, open-air theater
Thursday 07/13/2000
İKSEV - İzmir Foundation For Culture Arts And Education