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Aims and Duties
The aims and duties of the Izmir Foundation for Culture, Arts and Education are as follows:

• to research 
• to examine 
• to form and establish new constitutions 
• to acquire knowledge 
• to educate 
• to preserve 
• to strive to develop the spread of culture and the arts

In order to fulfil these aims and obligations, the Izmir Foundation for Culture, Arts and Education performs the following duties:

• Continues to arrange and organise the Izmir International festival 
• Organises various national and international arts and cultural festivals in Izmir and other parts of Turkey 
• Supports and organises research 
• Establishes archives 
• Opens exhibitions 
• Publishes materials 
• Organises concerts, performances, seminars, panel discussions, speeches, symposiums and congresses 
• Commissions artworks, organises competitions and awards prizes 
• Awards scholarships 
• Supports and promotes any kind of work which is not contrary to its principal aims and obligations. IKSEV values and conserves all kinds of modern artistic appreciation, both nationally and internationally.


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