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EFFE is a programme for festivals. EFFE believes that it is an important advantage for Europe’s festivals to be recognised by their peers and the European Union for their outstanding quality. The label recipients and award winners benefit from increased visibility, new networking opportunities, foster involvement of festivals in the artistic community, and recognition for their outstanding values.

The festival label and award are a form of branding that encourages more people to know about and take part in festivals. The label aims to be as inclusive as possible in its recognition of ambition and quality, while the award goes to a selected number of the most trend-setting festivals.

Both labels and awards are announced at the EFFE Festival Gala. A complete festival guide both online and in print featuring festival details, articles, facts and figures will be launched at this occasion.


EFFE Label and Award: the Core Benefits!

The EFFE Festival Label and Award offer many benefits beyond the recognition itself:

Visibility: The EFFE guide will feature your details and mission and will be promoted in a far-reaching media campaign. The branding label will be yours to use in your own promotional campaigns. The guide and results of the EFFE programme will be talked about at the high-profile festival gala and in outreach events promoting your image in the sector.

Networking: EFFE is a new festival network connecting hubs, cultural networks, and festivals across Europe. Taking part in EFFE will greatly expand your connections among artists, festival managers, business representatives and policy-makers. Through this network your festival will be able to discover new projects, exceptional artistic talents, and new opportunities for collaboration.

Festival Community: A report by the International Festival Jury on trends and practices in festivals will be a valuable tool for knowing what’s hot and essential to know. EFFE will invite you to take part in international debates and special events to promote these results.

Values: Your festival will be part of an international cultural programme backed by the European Union based on artistic and social values the EU wants to develop. You will be invited to take part in exchanges with the European political leaders to further develop European cultural policy, making your festival a valuable and acknowledged partner in your country.

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