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EFFEA Call #2: Open call for festivals to support emerging artists coming soon

The European Festivals Fund for emerging artists – EFFEA will open its second call for festivals to support emerging artists on 13 April 2023. Time to work on your residency project and submit it before 19 June 2023.
Festivals are often the discoverers of not-yet-known talents, their originality and innovation, as well as their risk-taking endeavours. EFFEA is a system built for festivals to support and offer emerging artists a platform to develop their careers on an international level. At the same time, it is an invitation for co-operation between festivals across borders.
In total, approximately 50 residencies will be selected involving 50 emerging artists in the seat of 50 leading festivals in collaboration with a minimum of two partner festivals. 
Find more information about EFFEA, eligible countries, art disciplines, and grant categories in the pre-announcement document.

Publication of the call: Thursday, 13 April 2023

Deadline of the call: Monday, 19 June 2023


Interested in applying?

The call for Festivals will be launched soon, on 13 April 2023. In the meantime, think and prepare:
the artist your Festival will present
the category you are applying for: Discovery or Springboard
two other partners with whom you will develop the project
check out that all your festivals are registered on FestivalFinder.eu (or update your festival edition if you are already registered)
Didn’t decide yet? Find your partners on the EFFEA Community on Facebook and check other festivals on FestivalFinder.eu.
Info Session
On Wednesday 14 April 2023 at 10.00 AM CEST, a 1-hour info and matching session will be organised online for all those interested to learn more details about the call.
Register here 
For more information: Donika Rudi Berishaj, EFFEA coordinator: donika@efa-aef.eu and Luana Santos, Communication and Administration Assistant: luana@efa-aef.eu
Warm wishes,
The EFA Team
EFFEA is an initiative of the European Festivals Association, co-funded by the European Union, implemented in partnership with 14 EFFE Hubs: Croatian Composers Society (Croatia), PLMF Arts Management (Estonia), France Festivals (France), Festival Friends (Germany), Stichting Caucasus Foundation (Georgia), Summa Artium Kultúra Támogató Nonprofit Kft. (Hungary), Association of Irish Festival Events (Ireland), ItaliaFestival (Italy), ARC Research and Consultancy Ltd. (Malta), Asociația Centrul Cultural Clujean (Romania), ArtLink (Serbia), Sweden Festivals (Sweden), Izmir Foundation for Culture Arts and Education – IKSEV (Turkey), Development Centre "Democracy through Culture" (Ukraine).
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