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One of the most distinctive features of Izmir European Jazz Festival is that this festival has a characteristic that can be described as “jazz education festival” for the young generations. Starting with the 12th Izmir European Jazz Festival, the Open Jazz Orchestra Workshops enable the young musicians from Izmir to introduce themselves in foreign countries. The Italian group that participates in Izmir European Jazz Festival every year also conducts the Open Jazz Orchestra Workshops. Two young jazz musicians who were chosen in the result of these workshops by the Italian artists get a scholarship award for Italian Consulate in Izmir and (up until the last year) Siena Jazz Summer Master Classes in cooperation with Siena Jazz Foundation. These scholarships of the 21st Izmir European Jazz Festival are granted for the Julliard School of New York Summer Master Classes in cooperation of Jazz Department of Guiseppe Verdi Conservatory in Torino, the Torino city, Torino Jazz Festival, and Italian Consulate in Izmir.


Young musicians who have been awarded a scholarship from Siena International Master-Classes in Italy:


12th İzmir European Jazz Festival

1-14 March 2005

Tamer Temel (saxophone)

Tolga Bilgin (trumpet)


13th İzmir European Jazz Festival

3-3 March 2006

Engin Recepoğulları (saxophone)

Ömercan Şakar (drums)


14th İzmir  European Jazz Festival

3-14 March 2007

Erol Buğra Balci (elektrik & akustik bas)

Evrim Yapıcılar (gitar & vokal)


15th İzmir  European Jazz Festival

5-15 March 2007

Çağıl Çap (violin)

Oğuz Özcanlı (piano)


16th İzmir  European Jazz Festival

2-13 March 2009

Olgun Açar (drums

Halil Çağlar Serin (electric bass guitar)


17th İzmir  European Jazz Festival

2-17 March 2010

Can Ercan (electric guitar)

Yaman Akdoğan (electric bass guitar)


18th İzmir  European Jazz Festival

2-16 March 2011

Sercan Kerpiççiler (trumpet) Adnan Dura (alto saxophone)

Kind of Blue: Fethi Can Köse (guitar)


19th İzmir  European Jazz Festival

3-17 March 2012

Barış Tunçel (bass guitar)

İbrahim Azman (drums)


20th İzmir European Jazz Festival

4-20 March 2013

Fevzi Onur Ustabaş (clarinet)

Tuna Payziner (bass guitar)


Young musicians who have been awarded a scholarship from Julliard School Master-Classes took place at the Torino Jazz Festival in Italy:


21st İzmir European Jazz Festival

3-20 March 2014

Tolga Bilgin (trumpet)

Soykan Akkaya (drums)


22th İzmir European Jazz Festival

3-20 March 2015

Ezgi Bıcılı (vocal)

Sercan Kerpiçciler (trompet)


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