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Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Center



Ahmed Adnan Saygun Center, Town Square, the Cultural Center for the Arts, including the platform and consists of three main sections. In the center, as well as the great hall, 243-seat hall, spread over three floors and exhibition spaces are connected by a bridge. The author of the project architect Tevfik Tozkoparan, now memories of a time remaining trolley bus garage and maintenance workshop has transformed the center of artistic activities.
AASS attentive to the project implemented in an acoustic concert hall, as well as wide range of plastic arts and contemporary art galleries will be hosting come to the fore. The design stage of the concert hall into position AASSM'nin jewel, a concert hall, has emerged as a real eye-catcher. Acoustic project undertaken by the firm of experienced British ARUP hall, the orchestra will be placed on the platform, as well as many fine details on the ring structure of the atlanılmadan resolved by the instrument has been implemented.
Concert hall in front of the stage platform lifts with a capacity of 1153 people, came to be on par with the top position of the stage, while allowing a large number of performances with the artist, brought into line with the audience seats in a specially designed mechanism can provide additional seating capacity. The bottom level is lowered orchestra pit that serves as a platform, ballet, modern dance or opera performance is able to achieve


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